Authentically me creating meaning within

Why do we want you to focus on being authentically you? We know that as people, we are always trying to create meaning in our lives, and in theory it is great but the problem comes into the application. We struggle to apply what being authentically you means in our every day life. Why do we struggle to be authentic to ourselves?

We want to go back to our roots as people. Life is so diverse with different situations that it all gets a little confusing from time to time. That is normal and part of the beautiful journey in discovering who we are as people so that we can help others do the same. In the new age of information overload we want to bring context back to our growing world.

It all starts in our personal life and comes back down to you as an individual. We have our guiding principles, which throughout we apply to different situations and interactions. As people we know that in theory something might sound good but when we try and apply it, we don’t always execute what was planned. This is where our good intentions can sometimes go wrong and when we need to go back and re-evaluate our plan and make sure it aligns with our values as people.

We often become so hyper-focused on the detail of the action we are completing that we forget to assess what it really means to us as an individual. When we forget what the meaning behind an action is, then we start to make mistakes both as individuals and as companies.

We apply our principles in our personal lives to every decision in life. If I as a founder of Nucarro forget what my values are as a person then I won’t be able to make important decisions for my company regarding our ethos and principles. If my values in my personal life don’t match my values in my business then things can seriously start going wrong. We constantly need reminders to go back to our values. This is not just applicable to me in business, but in all walks of life.

It is how we connect with things in our own life. How we make sense of something and how we connect with it. That again comes down to you as an individual. We need to make sure that we are always following the road map we create to become better people as well as to have compassion.

It means knowing the difference between right and wrong so that we can navigate the grey spaces easier. When we know ourselves and connect with ourselves, it assists in making the difficult situations in life a little easier to navigate. Because we know we are going in a direction true to our core values, we want to bring this beautiful truth of life back to the forefront.

We focus on you as a person to be authentically you, because at the end of the day when all is said and done we are just people trying to make sense of life. Don’t reject your imperfections, embrace them and focus on being transparent with yourself. Let your mistakes be an exception and not your pattern.

So, remember to stop and admire the beauty in life and in yourself and be authentically you.

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